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Managed Forex Accounts Eur Usd Outlook 2008 2

What Rate Cuts Can Be Expected
The US Fed has not exactly been forthcoming in its rate cuts; rather, it lowered rates very reluctantly in 2007. It has given only what the currency markets have already priced in. The basic reason for their hesitation is the desire to contain inflation ? the very same concern that weighs heavily on all other central banks in the world. The Fed wants to make certain inflation remains under control. Doing that has been more difficult because of the high energy prices coupled with the weaker dollar. Thankfully, indications of energy prices reaching $100 per barrel are no longer in circulation.
The market expects the Fed to further ease interest rates another 25 to 50bp lower; however, this is not the only option. They may want to further explore their other options, including the Term Auction Facility they introduced in December. But these options, including a cut in the discount rate, are limited especially since LIBOR rates have remained at high levels. Ev…

What S The Difference Of Trading Mini Lots Vs. Full-Sized Lots In Forex

In Forex trading there is something called, a Mini Account, and it uses a different leverage calculation than a regular (100k) account. This is, instead of trading full-size currency lots (100,000 units), you'll trade in lots that are just 1/10 the size (10,000 currency units), which in turn greatly reduces your risk. Pips in a Mini Account are worth, on average, $1 instead of the $8 to $10 value they have in a regular account. The Mini Forex account offers up to 200:1 leverage, this means that just a $50 margin deposit will allow you to trade lots worth roughly $10,000 , but the smaller lot sizes, with correspondingly smaller pip values, means that you'll be assuming less total risk. For example, while a 20-pip loss on a 100,000 USD/JPY position would be $200, the same loss on a 10,000 USD/JPY position in a Mini account would amount to $20.
Here you have an overview of leverage (Margin, Account Size) on each of the two accounts discussed above:
100K (Regular Full-sized Account)

Play Nostradamus On Forex Swings With Oil Trends

Now why should you worry about the price of oil if you’re not buying and selling oil?
If you’re neck deep into forex, there’s one good reason. Many of the most important currency trading pairs rise and fall on the price of a barrel of oil. The price of oil has been a leading indicator of the world economy for decades, and experts predict that that won’t be changing any time soon. The connection between the price of oil and the economy of many countries is based on a couple of simple facts:
1. Nations with healthy supplies of crude oil benefit economy-wise from higher oil prices.
2. States who depend on imports for their energy needs benefit from lower oil prices and lose when oil prices rise.
3. As the economy of a country is strong, its currency is also strong in the forex market.
4. As the economy in a country takes a downturn, its currency loses value in the currency exchange rate.
The ever shifting oil prices of the past year – 2005 – are a good example of what can happen when factors a…

Forex Why Psychiatrists Make Better Traders Than Expert Economists

It should be noted that millionaire traders, Elder, Williams and some others are in fact professional psychiatrists. And it is not accidental that not the economists are the leaders and most successful traders, but professional psychiatrists and psychotherapists. Think about it. You will become a successful trader when you understand why it happens with Forex. You will understand what your Forex mistakes are, and why you are making them. And when you correct these mistakes you will become a trader who has no psychological barriers and obstacles on his way to better earnings in the Forex market.
So, why do the psychiatrists make better traders than economists who, as one would think, have the Forex market at their finger tips?
The economists are confused by:
- the fact that exchange rates are not always related directly to the economic circumstances in the countries. Well, do you know any economist who would be bidding for low fx rates when the economic situation is getting better and bet…

Learn Forex Trading - How To Create An Income By Forex Trading Part Time From Home

Can you really make a living trading forex as a business from the comfort of your own home? Can you really create a replacement income as a part time trader and then retire young? Of course, the answer depends on how much is your current income or the desired amount of income you wish to obtain from forex trading before you wish to quit the rat race and be a professional trader, either part time or full time. But there are many traders who are quietly making 5 figure incomes monthly trading from the comfort of their homes, and some of these are part time traders. So before you embark into forex trading as a part time trader, here are some guidelines you ought to consider: 1. Your devotion of time - how much time are you going to devote to trading forex? Contrary to popular opinion, you do not need to be glued to your trading monitor to watch the prices of forex or currency pairs all the time. The larger part of your time is spent on finding those trading setups based on your trading s…

Is Forex Trading Right For You

FOREX is the abbreviated termed used to describe the world's largest foreign currency exchange market where of 1.5 Trillion dollars is traded on a daily basis. This more than 100 times the trading volume that occurs on the NYSE, and is fast becoming the hot spot for individual investors. A market that was once only accessible to large corporations and government entities is now available to individual investors with online trading accounts. Despite the hype and excitement around this market, is it right for you?
ACCESSIBILITY. Unlike most investment markets that open and close with the ring of a bell, the FOREX market is open 24 hours a day, six days a week. Trades can be made anytime the market is open from your home computer through the major trading centers located Sydney, Tokyo, London, Frankfurt and New York. Because of this you can act instantly upon news that may affect the market.
LIQUIDITY. Because of the high volumes that are being traded in this worldwide marketplace, the…

6 Advantages Of Trading Forex

Forex is the popular term for foreign exchange markets. The banks and brokerage firms are linked via electronic network to do business in the stock markets. The network allows them to convert currencies worldwide.
It became the chief and largest liquefied financial market around the globe. Take for instance, the volume of dollar currencies can rapidly increase in trillions of dollars within a day in currency markets. It even goes beyond the total volume of the total equities in the U. S. as well as future markets.
Forex trading is dominated often by commercial banks, investment banks, and government central banks. This is the main reason why many private investors are dealing on currency exchanges. They find it easier to access the market through technological innovations such as the internet.
It also provides the needed information in the stocks market regarding trading forex. The currencies which are widely traded include British Pound, US Dollar, Japanese Yen, Swiss Franc, Australian …

Tell Me About Forex Scalping

Trading on the Foreign Exchange market, or Forex, has become increasingly popular due in no small part to its sheer size and volume of trading. There was a time when only the large investment banks and other “institutional” vehicles of finance could play in the currencies market but now it is possible for just about anyone to invest in the Forex. Just as with equities or commodities traders, investors in the Forex need some type of strategy when deciding on currency pairs and when to enter and exit a position.
Scalping is one of many Forex investment strategies and at its simplest involves anticipating short-term movements in the exchange rates. Forex scalpers are like the polar opposites of those who use the buy-and-hold approach because they are only looking to enter and exit a position quickly—make their profit and run. Scalpers may only hold a position for a few hours—and in the extreme cases—or mere minutes. These “hit and run” investors look for market indicators specifically kno…

Making Your First Successful Forex Trade

If you get of to a good start with Forex it will give you confidence and will encourage you to trade regularly.
Follow these tips to get of to the best start possible:
Making your first Forex trade can be quite an exciting event.
It also is an event that requires some planning in advance, as well as doing some checking and double-checking before you ever make that first trade.
Here are some suggestions for preparation that will help you to really get the most out of that first trading event.
Trading currency comes with a certain amount of risk.
The prudent trader will always make sure, that he or she has enough resources to be able to withstand a period where there are more losses than there are gains. From that perspective, it is important to never risk more funds than you can reasonably do without.
Examine the condition of your finances carefully, and determine the amount of your resources that can be comfortably involved in the process of currency trading without creating any financial bu…

The Basics Of Forex Broker Selection

Before engaging in Forex trading, you should carefully examine the environment. The risks and money can be very high and therefore should not be neglected. Not all investments are profitable; similarly, not all investors are suited to the Forex market. If you are uncertain, you can ask for the advice or help of a Forex broker.
Numerous Forex brokers are available in the market and a careful selection must be made. Intensive research should be done to have knowledge of the reputation and experience of the broker. These two factors are great points to get a good Forex broker. Here are some of the other things that should be looked upon when selecting a broker:
• Most Forex brokers are connected to large lending or bank institutions. Look for the quality of the institution a broker is tied to. The quality of the institution can represent the credibility of the brokers.
• Brokers should be registered under FCM or Future Commission Merchant which is involved in the acceptance or solicitation …

Acquiring A Good Knowledge Of Forex

Trading has been in existence for many years. It's been there ever since man has learned to make a way of living. Before, people traded goods for other goods; or goods for services and vice versa. All of these things are necessary for survival. But now, trading is not mainly about goods or services, it is much more than that.
Forex trading is not new in the market; in fact, it has been there for many, many years now. A lot of people find forex trading as a worthwhile and lucrative venture.
Forex trading basically involves the buying and/or selling of different foreign currencies in the global market, often referred to as the FX market. Having a portfolio filled largely with bonds, mutual funds, and stocks is simply not enough. Why not include different foreign currencies in your portfolio, this way you can have money in all its different aspects.
The financial market operates twenty four hours a day. The usual trading day starts in Sydney, Australia, and other markets around the glob…

Forex Scam Or Legitimate Company Six Ways You Can Decide

If you’re looking at trading in the foreign currency exchange market (commonly known as the forex) and you have the classic Pink Floyd tune “Money” playing in your head, complete with the “cha-ching” sound, you might want to read this article first. With all of the forex brokers out there, ready and willing to take your cash to help you make your first trade, it may be a little intimidating finding a broker that can help your profits grow and not walk away with your cash! To that end, as part of your forex training, here are a few tips that will help you in selecting a broker that you can trust and not end up with a proverbial “bucket shop.”
1.“There is no risk!” Watch out for a company that claims that there is little or no risk in trading the commodities market. Any broker that is legitimate should tell you that there is ALWAYS risk! True, you can mitigate that risk with stop losses, sound trading techniques, and equity management, but there is always a risk involved in trading. If i…

Forex Market Vs. Stock Market Which Is Right For You

You have probably traded stocks before, but have you ever traded currencies? Currency trading goes back thousands of years and was the first market used by nations, traders and merchants to facilitate the open market process. The trading of national currencies has its own market called the Forex, which is an abbreviation for The Foreign Currency Exchange Market. The Forex Market allows individuals, companies, banks, governments and nations to take advantage of currency fluctuations in the world market to profit from judging the correct direction a currency moves against another currency. Currencies are traded as currency pairs.
The Stock Market:
The stock market has been one of the more traditional ways to make a profit from an investment. You often hear how the stock market can make a person more money from an investment than just about any other market. While you can make double digit profits from the stock market, and it usually produces more of a return than CD’s or bonds, it is not…

How To Find The Best Forex Software

The Forex market is the largest and the most liquid financial market in the world. It generates trade exchanges that amount up to almost 2 trillion dollars each trading day. With this kind of market, who wouldn’t want to join?
Many people who know about Forex are now beginning to realize that this particular market can really give them the opportunity to make lots of money. Many people who have traded in the Forex market became successful and have made millions of dollars almost overnight.
However, you should also consider that the Forex market also has its risk. You have to consider that aside from the fact that it can give you a chance to earn a lot of money, you should also realize that the risk is also equally great, maybe even more. It is a fact that people who have entered this financial market without the right knowledge and skills have lost a lot of money. Some experienced traders were also known to lose money in this very large and very risky financial market.
In the past, the F…

Technical Analysis - Reading Forex Charts

Price charts can be simple line graphs, bar graphs or even candlestick graphs. These are graphs that show prices during specified time frames. These time frames can be anywhere from minutes to years or any time interval in between.
Line charts are the easiest to read, they will show you the broad overview of price movement. They only show the closing price for the specified interval, they make it very easy to pick out patterns and trends but do not provide the fine detail of a bar or candlestick chart.
With a bar chart the length of a line displays the price spread during that time interval. The larger the bar is the greater the price difference between the high and low price during the interval. It is easy to tell at a glance if the price rose or fell because the left tab shows the opening price and the right tab the closing price. Then the bar will give you the price variation. When printed bar charts can be difficult to read but most software charts have a zoom function so you can ea…

Trading Forex With Pivot Points

Forex Pivot Point Trading are used today by Forex Traders and are calculated on the previous days move and trades are entered when the market hits a support or resistance line of the pivot point providing your OB/OS indicator is in agreement. All the support and resist lines are put in place 1st thing in the morning. then you wait for the market to hit those entry Points.
Contrary to what some might believe, trading Forex with Pivot Points are probably the most popular method used in trading the financial markets today. Long before the invention of computers this was the method used by the traders in the pits to determine hidden support and resistance levels.
The Pivot Point is still used by experienced floor traders and technical analysts alike. The major advantage now is that we now have computers and can calculate our points well in advance. Many charting packages can calculate them for you automatically, thus enhancing the use of Pivot Points.
Whilst there is a lot more to Pivot Poin…

Can You Afford To Invest In Forex

An important question for all investors is: Can I afford to invest?
America always has been a land of promise. Whatever the course of our economy in the years immediately ahead, it is likely that opportunities for investment will be both numerous and attractive. Energetic new companies will emerge, looking for venture capital. Solid old companies will come forth with exciting new products. One industry or another will enjoy a boom period relative to the rest. And, of course, there will be casualties, too. There inevitably are.
For the observant investor this activity, properly evaluated and properly timed, will bring rewards. There will be chances to buy stocks before they have called attention to themselves and begun to rise, or to buy a Blue Chip, temporarily out of favor, at a depressed price. There will be stock splits, dividend increases, new issues, mergers, spin-offs, as well as the tidal rise and fall of stock prices all of this characteristic of the restless life of the market …